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Systems Reviews

CannDoIT has extensive experience in reviewing business processes in a wide variety of industries – particularly for professional services firms. This experience means that we can help our clients quickly identify issues and finding solutions whether they be changes to procedures or identifying software to better support the needs of the business.

 Time Tracking for Professional Services Firms

If you are selling your expertise it is important to record and calculate the value of time spent on each job or activity. This gives you a basis for measuring profitability and productivity. We can advise on how best to do this for your firm.


Professional services firms are typically working on projects, jobs or matters. They are characterised by having deadlines, milestones, tasks, appointments and sometimes stages or phases. It will often be necessary to schedule resources such as staff, external consultants and equipment to complete the work. We can advise you on how best to meet these requirements.

Billing & Accounting

Getting paid on a timely basis is essential. We can advise on systems and processes to help in this regard including progress invoicing, retainers, direct debits and phase or milestone invoicing. We can also advise on accounting systems to help support the business process not just do the necessary compliance work.